Site Location

Frank Consiglio - Real Estate & Business Logistics
Frank Consiglio
Real Estate & Business Logistics

Our in-house Real Estate Team is experienced in handling all of your real estate needs.

Step 1

Determine the geographical area in which you want to locate the store.

Step 2

The Real Estate Team will compile a complete list of retail spaces in your area available for lease, along with the asking rental rate, size, other tenants, etc. Other criteria can be assessed for each property, such as demographics that show population, household size, age, gender, household income, etc.

Step 3

With the help of the Real Estate Team, you will determine the sites that are of interest to you. The Real Estate Team will help coordinate a tour of each of the spaces to help determine if there is further interest.

Step 4

Once a site, or sites, have been chosen, the Real Estate Team will draft a Letter of Intent for each site. The LOI will be sent to you for approval BEFORE sending it to the landlord to begin negotiations.

What to Look for in a Location