About Us

Making the American Dream Possible

People across the country, and even the world, aspire to own their own business. Mega began in 1983 to turn entrepreneurs’ business ownership dreams into reality while bettering their communities.

The Vision Behind Mega

Mega began in 1983 with the purpose of helping regular, everyday people become successful business owners. But founder Dan Kostecky and wife Reta’s vision was about more than simply opening stores. His goal was to start a company that assists people in becoming business owners that bring value to their communities by providing popular products at affordable prices.

A nationwide increase of interest in owning a business combined with the growing demand for discount retail stores and pack and ship stores resulted in the proven Mega concept. Communities wanted retail stores that offered excellent, name-brand products, without the high dollar pricing. And that’s exactly what Mega dollar stores, party stores, and other Mega retail stores offer. At Mega, our mission is to help aspiring business owners reach success while meeting their community’s retail needs.

Whether it’s with a Mega Dollar Store or Mega Pack and Ship, we can help you achieve the American dream while helping the community around you.

Family Owned for Generations

In January of 2000, Paul Kostecky, the oldest son of Dan and Reta Kostecky, became president of Mega. Before assuming this leadership position, Paul served as the company’s vice president for 6 years. Paul has been with Mega since day one and has a vast knowledge of every aspect of the business, making him the ideal leader to take over the everyday operations of the company.

Just like his father, Paul is passionate about helping people across the country see their dreams of becoming a business owner come to life. Paul’s commitment to providing the best service possible to potential Mega store owners is something he requires of the rest of the Mega team as well. He is proud of the fact that his team does not consist of telemarketers or pressure “sales” people, but rather honest, knowledgeable people who want to truly earn your business and go to work for you.

Meet the Mega Executive Team
With 35+ Years of Experience

Dan Kostecky


Dan was an active member of the U.S. Army Intelligence from 1965-1969, serving overseas in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Mr. Kostecky founded Mega in 1983 out of the desire to help people across the country start their own business.

Paul Kostecky


Like his father, Paul is very passionate about helping people achieve the American dream of business ownership. He has been a part of Mega since the start and now leads the business operations.

Angela Strange

Financial Account Analyst

John LaFronz

Store Development Manager

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

Store Development Manager

Misty Lamey

Customer Service

Leslie Kostecky

Executive Buyer

Tina Burkett

Executive Account Specialist

Joe Kostecky

Store Set Up Coordinator

Sunit Patel

Marketing Executive

Andre Kolek

Business Support Specialist

Robert Saam

Pack and Ship Operations Manager

David Carrol

Pack and Ship Set Up Supervisor

Kimberly Jenkens

Executive Assistant

Frank Consiglio

Real Estate & Business Logistics

Rodney Santos

Real Estate & Business Logistics

Sandy Eller

Store Setup Crew Supervisor

Brian Turner

Merchandising Supervisor

Brenna Kostecky

Growth and Progress Development Advisor

Rhonda Ward

Pack & Ship Operations Manager

Carolyn Mitchell

Merchandise Supervisor Pack & Ship Division

Michael Saccone

Setup Supervisor

Veronica Garcia


Mega Helps Entrepreneurs Launch Successful Businesses
Across the World.

Independent Retail Stores continue to be one of the hottest and fastest growing business sectors and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the opportunity to start successful ventures.