The Mega Advantage

Choosing Mega For Your Dollar Store

When you choose Mega for starting your dollar store, you become an integral part of an industry-leading, worldwide network of successful retail store entrepreneurs. Explore the many advantages Mega Dollar Stores can offer you for your dollar store – online.

You Own Your Own Dollar Store

This is not a franchise offer. Whether you choose to rent, lease, or purchase your space, you will be the sole proprietor. The Mega program is based on a one-time fee, and we do not receive future percentages. With Mega, you receive the same support and benefits of a franchise, but you own and manage your own store.

You Receive Professional Dollar Store Consultation

Mega gives you all the help you need to get started but will not interfere with your store operations. Assistance in site location is available at your request. You can have your store open in as little as thirty days from the time you purchase your initial merchandise. Apples to apples, Mega store packages are less expensive than our competitors’ packages.

You Enjoy Mega “Buying Power”

Mega’s Preferred Vendor Network gives you access to merchandise pricing only available to big chains and wholesale outlets. You will be able to offer your customers top of the line merchandise and stock a wide array of inventory for every occasion or specialize in a particular type of merchandise. We have special Mega vendor pricing available at prices lower than those you can contract for independently.

  • Exclusive Online Purchasing & Pricing – You’ll enjoy continued savings and support to restock your store with quality merchandise.
  • Immediate delivery is just a phone call away – Most offer low to no minimums, so you can order as many or as few items of any style or color and receive immediate delivery. This will be a great advantage for you over your competitors that may have to wait weeks even months for new merchandise.

You Enjoy Purchasing Freedom

Unlike franchise programs that require one-source product purchasing, with Mega you can buy from our network or elsewhere. You are under no future obligations. We have dollar store merchandise and value store (dollar plus) merchandise.

You Partner with Industry Experts

For 20 years, Mega has been developing successful dollar stores. Mega has opened stores throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. We know what you need to be successful, and we will give you the start you are looking for.

You Receive Professional Training & Ongoing Support

We offer on-site professional merchandising with all of our dollar store packages. All of our packages include professional training by remote means. You will also always have access to a representative who will provide you with continued support. You are never alone with Mega.

You Enjoy Exclusive Merchant Advantages

Because of our long-standing success and reputation in the industry, Mega can offer our dollar store owners significant merchant advantages including:

  • Guaranteed Reimbursement on Returned Checks

    Thanks to a special arrangement with one of the country’s premier check collection organizations, Mega store owners enjoy the luxury of accepting personal checks without worrying about the risk — all with no costs, fees, or terminal charges.

  • Lowest Merchant Rates in the Industry

    Give your customers the option of paying with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Enjoy the lowest rates available thanks to Mega’s exclusive arrangements with the country’s leading credit card vendors!

Become an Owner Today

If you are looking for a pathway to independent financial success, Mega can help. Fill out our online Become an Owner form or call us at 800-443-8407.